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Cures for Spiritual Depression

May 12, 2019 Speaker: Joey Denton Series: Hope in God

Cures for Spiritual Depression

Psalm 42-43

Chair Bible p.469

May 12, 2019

Lead Pastor Joey Denton


Spiritual depression is the _______________________________ resulting from ______________________evidenced by dejection, discontentment, bondage, and/or lack of joy.


The causes of spiritual depression:









Main Idea of the Text

The psalmist knew that to hope in God would eliminate unbelief and the lowly seasons of life.


Commit yourself to ____________________________ the Lord corporately and privately


Psalm 42:1




Psalm 42:4




Psalm 42:5-6




Psalm 42:8



Psalm 42:11


Psalm 43:4



Psalm 43:5



__________________________________ all He has done


Psalm 42:5-6




Psalm 77:11-14



Seek the Lord for ________________________________


Psalm 42:2




Psalm 43:2



John 4:13-14



Seek the Lord’s direction through _______________________


Psalm 43:3




Psalm 119:97-105


_________________ in God


Psalm 42:5-6,11;43:5





Ephesians 2:8-9


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