The Call of Distress

March 1, 2020 Series: Jonah

The Call of Distress

Jonah 1:17-2:10

March 1, 2020

Lead Pastor Joey Denton


Main Idea of the Text

God answered Jonah’s call of distress, showing He is a God who is ready to forgive and restore. 


Jonah 1:17-2:1







As the ever-present God, He ______________ the call for help


Jonah 2:2-6

















Galatians 6:7



Psalm 18:4-6




Psalm 62:5


As the true source of salvation, God ______________ new life


Jonah 2:6-7








Hebrews 4:16



Jonah 2:8-9









A distant and broken relationship with God finds __________ in the presence and forgiveness of Christ


Jonah 2:10





Psalm 25:8



Isaiah 55:6-7



Psalm 40:1-3